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Check out some fun stuff I've built:

👏 Clappy Button

The natural evolution of Facebook's Like and Instagram's Heart. Embed a Clappy Button on your webpage, or share the link to your custom Visitors can "clap" to send a tip from 1¢ per clap! Powered by HandCash, more wallet and crypto integrations are on the way!

💰 Coindrop

Your super-shareable landing page for getting paid. Simply list your payment addresses and Coindrop creates a user-friendly interface to finalize payment. Share your link anywhere, embed a button on your website, or print/order physical tip cards with your Coindrop QR code embossed.

🌎 Slow TV Map

Teleport anywhere on Earth and relax with long-form presentations of nature on YouTube. Browse a curated selection of Slow TV videos from YouTube, mapped out by geographical location & nicely categorized to make your teleportation experience smooth and efficient.

₿🐦 Bitcoin Dominance Bot

An open-source Twitter bot that tweets price statistics about Bitcoin.

What I'm working on:

🎶 Auditoureum

Exploring the possibilities of music + web3.

🚀 Star Atlas

A space exploration game & metaverse built on Solana. I'm working as an engineer on the web team.

Want to work together? DM me on Twitter
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